Come EXPERIENCE the freedom of the bay

Ultimate East Bay Sailboat Charter

Come enjoy an amazing experience aboard FreeDom and view San Francisco and the rest of the bay as so few are able to do.  FreeDom is a supreme blue-water cruising boat with all the modern safety, comfort and entertainment equipment you would expect.  Your time aboard FreeDom is yours to enjoy and direct as you wish while we show you San Francisco Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Treasure and Angel Islands and so much more.


FreeDom is located at the Berkeley Marina and perfectly placed to take advantage of the vast and beautiful Bay.  Those that live or visit the East Bay or the Central Valley can easily reach the marina and parking is no problem.  Within a few minutes of arriving on the boat you can be "shooting the slot" and experiencing the thrill of dropping the rail into the water or warming yourself with refreshment in the protection of Angel Island.


Come join us and share the wonders around San Francisco Bay with your friends and family.  We love to show families how to sail and have great fun on the water while staying safe.

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