San Francisco Sunset Sails

Come aboard FreeDom and enjoy all the beauty and wonder of a San Francisco sunset.  This time of year produces some of the best and most amazing sunsets as fall arrives and the new weather patterns start to set in.  Snacks and drinks can be added to this special price on request.


Mid week (Mon - Thursday non holidays) sunset sails;






That's the complete boat for up to 6 people for 3 or 5 hours to enjoy the best of the bay and the natural wonders around us.


Please call or email us to book.



Smaller Groups & Couples

During the week we are offering smaller groups (1-4 people) a break on the normal pricing structure to make it easier for you to join the fun aboard FreeDom.  Monday thru Thursdays (non holiday days!) we are offering slots on FreeDom for $50 per person per hour, with minimums of 2 people and 3 hours.  It takes about 40 minutes to ready her and then 50 minutes to clean and put her away!  You could be sharing with another couple but that is unlikely from our experience.  The duration can be as long as you wish over 3 hours and it will still be $50 per person per hour.


Mon - Thurs (non-holiday days)

$50 /person/hour*


Please call or email us to book.

*minimum 3 hours and 2 people.